TermiKnowledge: An International Course in Creating Terminological Resources

TermiKnowledge is an international course in creating terminological resources. You will learn how to create a corpus, extract terms manually, automatically and semi-automatically, idenitify their equivalents in other languages, design a knowledge base and create terminological entries. At the end, your work will be published online for public use.

  • new competencies and tools
  • work with foreign languages
  • 6 ECTS credits per semester
  • short-term mobilities
  • international environment
  • innovative learning methods

The course is run under the 4EU+ Alliance by an international team of experts in terminology, corpus linguistics, translation and knowlegge representation. It will involve instructors and students from four European universities: University of Warsaw, Heidelberg University, Charles University in Prague and Milan University.

We offer a limited number of places to BA and MA students with a good command of English. The course will address the needs of students in translation, interpreting, linguistics, sociology, journalism and mediastudies, as well as natural sciences, engineering,computer science and information technologies who work with texts in a specialized domain. Stay tuned fo rinformation about the recruitment procedure!

The project includes two courses in terminology (Semester 1 and Semester 2). These courses are independent, but you are encouraged to attend both. Semester 1 beings in mid-October 2021 and ends in March 2022 , i.e. it lasts approximately 15 weeks.

The course will consist in on-line research-based classes, short visits abroad and face-to-face meetings between student and staff of the partner universities, as well as collaborative practical tasks on the creation of terminological and lexicographic resources.

More information: kovarikova@korpus.cz

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