Wo damals die Grenzen der Wissenschaft waren, da ist jetzt die Mitte.
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742–1799)


Overall, we are one of the leading departments of the Faculty of Arts in scientific activities (which is the first among the faculties of humanities and social sciences in the Czech Republic in quantitative and qualitative scales).

This is evidenced e.g. by a report on the quality of science at the Charles University, prepared by independent external evaluators. In this we are mentioned, for example, as follows:


Anglophone and Germanic Studies seem to take the lead within the faculty. Their researchers and works are renowned and valued at a European level.”

“Cultural transfers and migration studies seem to have fostered some interesting comparative publications within research in German, Scandinavian and South Slavic literatures.”

“Some departments’ or individuals’ excellent reputation preceded them: the “Irish” and in general, the Anglophone studies can be considered as renowned. Peer-reviewers in Germany, France or Denmark were also quite familiar with the works of German and Scandinavian literary researchers at CU.”

“FF UK has also been involved in several research grants. Unsurprisingly, the leader in collecting grants is the Department of Germanic Studies.” 

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