Registering research outputs

Entering research works into the registry

The Department performs its own registration of its employees’ publishing activities. Please use the forms below to register your works and not the faculty OBD database. Please download the form corresponding to type of your research output, fill it in, save it on your computer and send it by e-mail as an attachment to Edita Schejbalová (

When filling up the sections “Title”, “Synopsis” and “Keywords” please adhere to the following rules:

  • In case the language of your output is Czech, please fill in the Czech and English sections
  • In case the language of your output is English, please fill in the English section only
  • In case the output is in another language, please fill in the sections in the language of the output and in English


The work will be entered into the OBD database by the Department and further into the RIV and RUV databases by the faculty. Please do not enter it there to prevent duplicate entries.

Since the last year, it is necessary to sort your ten most important scientific outputs for evaluation. In case of these outputs, add pdf when sending excel form to Klára Smejkalová. After she adds them to OBD database, it is necessary to order them according to their importance: go to, click OBD  on the toolbar and then click “Nejvýznamnější výsledky”, Choose your ten best and order them 1-10.

Please check the OBD database before the research works registration deadline (usualy Jan 31) if all research works are entered correctly and fully in order to prevent possible misunderstandings.

We kindly ask you to be patient with the system. If you have any further questions or are in doubt, please write to Jiří Starý (

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